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MINI COOPER Online Community Guidelines
This is a community of new MINI COOPER enthusiasts. The goal of the community is to enhance the ownership of your MINI COOPER through the exchange of information. We encourage your participation and request that you respect your fellow enthusiasts in the same manner that you wish to be respected. If, when writing, you think that someone may incorrectly interpret your meaning as being offensive, please use the emotion icons to better express your thoughts.
Respect is Key
 The MINI COOPER Online community is a place where you can express yourself...as long as you treat your fellow enthusiasts with respect.
Welcome New Visitors and Members
 To grow our community, we enthusiastically welcome new visitors and members. There are many amoung our membership that have years of experience and a passion for the new MINI that is infectious. Help new members learn what our community offers, how to locate information, and how to contribute in a manner that is beneficial to all.
No Personal Attacks
 Personal attacks will not be tolerated. We encourage you to challenge others' points of view but do so in a respectful and thoughtful manner.
Clean Posting
 MINI COOPER Online will not tolerate explicit, obscene or vulgar language and will remove any post containing this type of language. Similarly, any post that solicits or offers explicit, X-rated, or similar content will be deleted without notice.
Avoid Duplicate Posts
 Before posting please search for similar subjects. If you do not find information that answers your question, we encourage you to post the question or comment to a discussion forum. Take the time to identify the most appropriate forum and do not post to multiple forums. If duplicate discussions are identified, the duplicates may be consolidated or deleted. Repeated posting of a message may be interpreted as SPAM and deleted without notice.
 Only paying sponsors may advertise with MINI COOPER Online. We do, however, encourage your contributions in the form of product evaulations, reviews, and recommendations. Similarly, contribution of experiences with manufacturers, dealers, etc. is highly encouraged, as it provides feedback to fellow members and encourages best practices by product suppliers.
 Each member has the ability to display a signature, which may include html and images. We encourage you to customize these signatures. We do request that you keep the overall size of the signature as small as possible to insure that article and forum posts can be viewed easily. As with posting, please keep your signature clean.
We Reserve the Right
  MINI COOPER Online reserves the right to organize the site, discussion forums, and content to best serve the majority of the community. As such, news articles and forum posts may be moved to a more appropriate topic or deleted entirely. MINI COOPER Online also reserves the right to prohibit or delete discussions that are thought to violate applicable law or that may be harmful to other members, the sites that comprise MINI COOPER Online, or the rights of MINI COOPER Online or others.

MINI COOPER Online is an independently operated web site supporting owners and enthusiasts
worldwide. As such it has no official relationship with BMW AG, MG Rover cars, or BMW of North America.

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