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5 recent Topics:
·  MINI demographics?
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·  Plasma Booster evaluation. 02/02 MINI Cooper 5-speed.
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Online Information
Consumer Buying Information
 Mini Cooper may hold value best (Autonews.com)August 12, 2002
 Residual Value Awards Announced (Edmunds.com)August 7, 2002
 Low Down, Low Payments: Unwinding the Deal - What Are Your Rights? (Edmunds.com)June, 25 2002
 Low Down, Low Payments: Invoice Scams and Sudden Extras - The Game is Changing (Edmunds.com)May 28, 2002
 Your Chance To Join MINI For a Barcelona AdventureJune 19, 2002
News from Around the World
 100,000th MINI rolls off production line at Oxford (Automotive-online.com)May 31, 2002
Newspaper Articles
 Small is beautiful (Princeton Packet)August 30, 2002
 Mighty MINI (Denver Post)August 22, 2002
 Maximum Mini:Return of '60s icon is a blast (Chicago Sun-Times)June 29, 2002
Performance Tests
 Cooper S Dyno Results 
Third-party Reviews
 BMW's mighty Mini may have many faces (USA Today)August 13, 2002
 Long-Term Road Test: 2002 Mini Cooper S (edmunds.com)August 1, 2002
 Multiple reviews of the COOPER and COOPER S (new-car-net.co.uk) 
 2002 MINI Cooper S (carlist.com) 
 2003 MINI Cooper (Woman Motorist) 
 Consumers' Most Wanted Vehicles for 2002: Econosports - Winner: MINI COOPER S (Edmunds.com) 
 Consumers' Most Wanted Vehicles for 2002: Economy Coupe/Hatchback - MINI COOPER came in 2nd (Edmunds.com) 
 Most Significant Vehicle of the Year (Edmunds.com) 
 Road Test Follow Up: 2002 Mini Cooper (Edmunds.com)July 3, 2002
 Road Test: MINI Cooper S (automotive-online.com)May 30, 2002
 2002 Mini Cooper (cars.com)May 25, 2002
 Return of the Pocket Rockets (Edmunds.com)May 18, 2002
 Road Test: 2002 Mini Cooper - Rating a 10 on the Smile-o-Meter (Edmunds.com)May 17, 2002
 First Drive: MINI Cooper and Cooper S (CanadianDriver): May 8, 2002
 Road Test: Cooper revives the Mini magic (The Advertiser)April 18, 2002
 Centerpiece: Mini to the max (Naples Daily News)April 12, 2002
 What's that about small things in good packages? (CarConnection.com)April 1, 2002
 Mini still has sex appeal that sparkled in the 60s (Detroit News)March 25, 2002
 First Drive: 2002 Mini Cooper & Cooper S - The Little Car that Can...and Will (Edmunds.com)March 22, 2002
 Vancouver Mini Club - new MINI driving impressionsMarch 22, 2002
 Tom Strongman's Test Drive - All-new Mini Cooper offers style and performance at economy-car prices (kccarhunter.com)March 16, 2002
 You can't help but smile at Mini (USA Today)March 15, 2002
 Blonde Ambition (CARkeys)November 22, 2001
 New MINI Cooper (Whats On Bristol) 
 MINI: Road Test (BBC) 
 Maxi fun in the new MINI (sundaytimes.co.za) 
 Why a MINI? It's about fun, innit? (iafrica.com) 
 Mini MINI - The return of a legend (4car.co.uk) 
 2002 Mini Cooper Mini is just the name. Think huge. (NewCarTestDrive.com) 
 Test Drives - 2002 Mini Cooper (Forbes.com) 
 The MINI Arrives MAXI (American Woman - Road & Travel) 
 Mini Cooper contends for Car of YearAugust 12, 2002
 The funky, spunky MiniMarch 21, 2002
Autoweek (requires free online registration to access articles)
 Mini sales top 10,000; additional derivatives 'under discussion'August 9, 2002
 Mini Cooper, Ford SVT Mustang Cobra, Ford ExpeditionJune 6, 2002
 Mini keeps customers waiting with niche sales approachJune 5, 2002
 The Mini's major welcome: Mini mania hits a N.J. dealership. Will it last?May 7, 2002
 Mini Cooper S: Oh, for fun - And what you'll give up for itApril 11, 2002
 Mini Cooper: I Shall Call Him ‘Mini Me’ - Superchargers? We don't need no stinking superchargersApril 8, 2002
 '02 New Car Issue - Attention shoppers: For your buying and driving pleasure, 20 cars we like in 2002April 4, 2002
 BMW looks for a Mini coup; dealers eye profits on extrasMarch 19, 2002
 Fans of Mini Cooper put $1,000 deposits on expected hot sellerNovember 27, 2001
 BMW to increase production of new Mini by 25 percentNovember 12, 2001
 Maximum Mini - Mini Mania makes more motorists manicOctober 29, 2001
 Mini announces preliminary list of U.S. dealers (with list of dealer locations)June 18, 2001
 Maxi fun: Our first drive tells us the Mini is back in a big wayJune 11, 2001
 Dealers gearing up for new Mini's arrival in U.S.June 11, 2001
 BMW chooses U.S. dealers for MiniApril 24, 2001
 BMW considers entry-level lineup of Mini, 1 and 3 modelsApril 6, 2001
 Toyota diesel for MiniFebruary 28, 2001
Car and Driver
 MINI COOPER S - Coopers make barrels. In this case, barrels of fun.July 2002
 MINI COOPER S - BMW installs forced air in its Oxford saltboxMay 2002
 BMW Prices Mini AppropriatelyJanuary 9, 2002
 BMW Recalls New Minis in BritainSeptember 4, 2001
 Der Mini.August 2001
 New Mini Hits the Streets in Britain June 19, 2001
 2002 Mini Cooper - Retro done right 
 2002 Mini Cooper - Bet the max on the Mini 
Classic Driver
 Car of the Week - Mini Cooper S 
evo (European)
 Click on FastFleet - Index and Archives for long-term test information on the MINI COOPER and COPPER 'Works' 
 Miniture HeroesAugust 2001
Grassroots Motorsports
 2002 MINI COOPER ProjectAugust 22, 2002
Motor Trend
 2002 MINI COOPER - An all-new BMW-engineered MINI Marks the Return of a '60s British Cult Classic 
MSN Carpoint
 2002 MINI Cooper Overview 
 2002 MINI Cooper (Dan Jedlicka) 
 2002 MINI Cooper (Ann Job) 
Road & Track
 2003 Mini Cooper - BMW says, "Yeah, baby!" 
 The Fun and The Ferocious - A closer look at the Mini and Ruf Rturbo 
 Mini Cooper - A little runabout with a big heart and soul 
 A Tale of Two Minis - You've come a long way, baby 
Sport Compact Car
 Driving Impression: 2003 Mini Cooper 

Printed Publications
 The Soul of a New MachineSeptember 2002Pages 106-110
 The Super Duper MINI CooperJune 2002Pages 73-78
 What Becomes a LegendAugust 2002Pages 48-53
 An Englishman in New YorkJune 2002Pages 26-30
 Behind the Wheel: Bespoke Cabrio - A MINI OpeningMay 2002Pages 18-20
 Super CooperMay 2002Pages 42-46
 Bump Start - MINI Celebrity Challenge racing coverage from the Australian Grand PrixMay 2002Pages 66-68
British Car
 New Mini Club Racer - Not Just Another New MiniApril-May 2002Pages 45-47
Car (European)
 Butter would meltJuly 2002Page 45
 Gran Turismo 3 - Three Icons, Three Drives, Three Countries. One Amazing Day...May 2002Pages 81-101
 What makes a Cult Classic?May 2002Pages 103-104
 If it ain't bespoke - Treat your new Mini to a range of go-faster modifications that will give it a more direct link with the John Cooper factory than just the nameFebruary 2002Page 35
 The good the bad the ugly - Best in Class and MINI STUFFFebruary 2002Page 174
Car and Driver
 Mini Cooper S - BMW installs forced air in it Oxford saltboxJune 2002Pages 84-85
Consumer Reports
 Road Test - Small and SportyOctober 2002Pages 32, 33, 35
European Car
 MINI Cooper: European Car Grand Prix 2002August 2002Pages 32-34
 First Look: 2002 MINI Cooper SJuly 2002Pages 32-36
 Mini Cabriolet - An Open Mini SensationJuly 2002Pages 38-40
evo (European)
 The Works - Cooper made its name tweaking old-school Minis. Now, with BMW's blessing, it has had a crack at the excellent new carJanuary 2002Pages 51-55
 Silver Bullets - The John Cooper Works kit gives the Mini some welcome extra zest, but is it enough to out-pep the VW Lupo GTI?January 2002Page 57
 Car of the Year (comparison)January 2002Pages 62, 94
 Fast Fleet (long-term test)January 2002Pages 132
 The Knowledge - Our Choice (Supermini market segment)January 2002Pages 137
Grassroots Motorsports
 Motoring with MININovember 2002Pages 93-96
 Mini car, maxi funAugust 2002Pages 75-81
 Flyin' the Coop - We test the first-ever new MINI race car in the States against the original at Laguna Seca RacewayFebruary 2002Pages 27-35
Motor Trend - Thrill Rides
 MINI Cooper S - Behind the Wheel of the Super-Duper Cooper Pages 56-62
Road & Track
 MINI Cooper S: Cooper-chargedJuly 2002Page 37
 Mini Cooper - A little runabout with a big heart and soul (also available online)February 2002Pages 49-57
Robb Report
 A Mini Spledid ThingAugust 2002Page 71-73
Sports Car International
 S Means SpaβJuly 2002Pages 42-46
Sport Compact Car
 2002 MINI COOPER S - It's blown and it's bad. Good bad.July 2002Pages 206-210

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